It is with heavy hearts that the decision has been made to continue the pause on Tree Things for 2023. We will be emailing an update in the coming weeks and look forward to the day when we can return with the produce we all enjoy.
Thank you for your support.


Dan and Wanda Doerksen


Dan and nephew Matthew

Our Story

Over 50 years ago, my brother Ben lived in Alaska and got hungry for some fresh California fruit. We sent him a box of peaches. His friends and neighbors found out about the fruit and wanted some too. Logo2.pngThat’s how Tree Things was born. We now deliver to 9 various locations throughout Alaska in a 4-day period several times each summer. We sell fruit only in Alaska. We do not have a nation-wide business. You indeed are special to us.

In 2020, our nephew Matthew (Ben's son) will begin taking over the business as we prepare to retire. You will still get the same fruit and great service!

Can I Get Perfect Fruit?

The U.S.D.A. allows the farmers a certain percentage of fruit problems in each box of fruit (don’t we wish all of the fruit was #1 quality?). This means that perfect fruit every time in every box is not possible. We do try to select fruit with the least amount of problems or blemishes. This is also the reason why we check each box when you are there picking up your fruit - to make sure it's good!

How Do I Take Care of California Grown Fruit?

The fruit we bring is different than you find in your stores, because it has not been in cold storage. It cannot be left unattended. If you are planning to be gone for a few days and cannot personally check through your fruit daily, please do not order fruit that trip. Wait for a time when you can take responsibility for it. Fruit demands flexibility and responsibility. We all have personal preferences: some like it riper; others want their fruit to last longer on the shelf. This presents a problem for us because we cannot please all of you all of the time.

How Can I Keep My Fruit Fresh?

If you want your fruit to stay fresh, we recommend that you keep it in the fridge. Cherries, berries, figs, apples, and grapes must be kept in the fridge if you expect them to stay fresh and last longer. To help slow down the ripening process of your fruit, put a dry paper towel in the bottom of a zip lock-type bag. Put one layer of peaches (or whatever fruit) on the paper towel and seal up the bag. Place in refrigerator. It should keep well in the fridge for at least two weeks. This method should work for most types of fruit that we bring.

What if the Fruit Is Not Quite Ripe Enough for Me?

Sometimes our fruit needs a little more time to ripen and you have to be patient for more days than you had originally planned for. If the fruit is less ripe, remove it from the box and keep it on your counter or in a brown paper bag for ripening. You should always take it out of the plastic trays in the box, especially the bottom layer, as any moisture in there can lead to mold.

What if the Fruit Is Too Ripe?

Sometimes our fruit is riper than you may prefer and will need to be taken care of immediately. Ways to use fruit that is riper include cutting it into slices and freezing it in containers, making jam, pies, or smoothies. Being flexible by using it in these ways could salvage the majority of the fruit instead of allowing a great loss. Check our website for the recipe link.

The Bottom Line

If you have any comments or complaints about the fruit, please report it to us within one week of delivery so we can make proper adjustments. Our supplier needs this information as soon as possible -- not weeks later. If we have not heard from you about your fruit by the next delivery date, we will assume that all is well.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions on our website for more information.

We want you to be happy with your fruit and we will do our best to please you.

Dan, Wanda and Matthew Doerksen


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